PMO Brunch – The business value and benefits of PMOs

October 1st, 9:30 – 12:30

Red Angus Steakhouse,   Strada Franceză 56, București 030167


We will discuss in an informal meeting, relating the challenges of PMOs in different organization:

  • How to deliver value

  • The advantages a PMO can have for an organization

  • Steps required to establish and implement a PMO

  • Trends of PMO value production and reasons for these trends

  • Techniques to revitalize and improve the performance of an  PMO

  • Different views of the role of the PMO and how to define the role based on the organizational environment

  • Models and ways for the PMO to define success and produce value for all stakeholders.

The expert that will facilitate the event is our special guest:

Thiago Ayres.


Consultant, educator, angel investor and global speaker in the areas of governance, management, innovation and leadership. With degrees on 3 continents, helps corporations and startups in their strategic challenges. In this professional trajectory, Ayres has been to more than 10 countries and became a nonconformist with traditional management, orthodox education and the status quo - a transformational activist. An optimist who sees opportunities for every problem, who bets people are the foundation of every success and who believes that the ultimate art of sophistication is being simple.