Establish & Manage the PMO Office + PMO CP Certification May 9-11

Principles – Metodology – Management – Application

Why PMO?

Today’s dynamic business environment demands the ability to execute projects well. From new product or service introductions to complex IT installations, the ability to deliver consistent and predictable project outcomes is considered a distinct competitive advantage.

In an effort to improve project management capability from within, many progressive organisations have embraced the concept of a Project Management Office (PMO). The PMO takes responsibility for all projects within an organisation encompassing ongoing development of project management as a discipline, project portfolio management as well as strategic project services.


About  Training

In this course, you will gain the relevant knowledge and skills to establish, operate, and

improve a project management office (PMO) and to work with PMO staff in a way that maximizes the value projects produce for your organization. You will review the advantages of running a successful PMO and learn how to set up a PMO that is appropriately positioned within the organization. You will explore the various types of PMOs and the various review and auditing functions that they can perform, and you will explore why PMOs might perform below expectations and learn how to improve and revitalize PMO performance.

You will also discuss and work in a software platform using PMO VALUE RING – One methodology, eight tools. The PMO VALUE RING methodology was developed with the participation of successful PMO leaders with a high level of maturity, with the objective of developing a solution to support the creation, revision, and operation of PMOs, focusing on the generation of effective value for organizations. The PMO VALUE RING methodology is now used by professionals in more than 65 countries. There are hundreds of PMO-CPs in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. It is based on extensive benchmarking with the experience of professionals from different countries, providing recommendations and guiding the PMO configuration from successful experiences.

More information about the methodology can be found here.

In fact, the PMO VALUE RING methodology is the voice of the worldwide community of PMO professionals telling us what can really increase the chances of making our PMOs successful.


Testimonial:  Cristian Borozan

I recently participated in EXELO’s “Establishing & Managing the PMO” training.
It was an excellent opportunity to complete and consolidate my knowledge about this concept, which is still little understood in the Romanian business environment. In addition to the very valuable content delivered, both trainers (Codrin Nicolau and Thiago Ayres) highlighted the importance and role of the organizational context in which a PMO is born and operates. I also greatly appreciated the implementation methodology “PMO VALUE RING”, which provides a complete framework for the definition and operation of a PMO as a service provider for the beneficiary organization.
PROs: international certification, valuable content, mature methodology, highly experienced instructors capable of delivering know-how, excellent atmosphere, useful networking.
CONs: insufficient time to deepen some topics of interest (eg link between PMO and Balanced Scorecard).



Codrin Dan Nicolau 

Consultant and Trainer, Codrin has an IT&C background, and he was involved for more than 20 years in improvement initiatives and business process transformation projects in various domains: environment, oil and gas, banking, public institution and other private organisations. He was involved in training and consultancy projects leading to a PMO creation in a big oil and gas company. Also he was involved in other initiatives, defining PMO role, methodology and project governance in different companies (IT, medical industry, telekom etc.).

What benefits does a PMO deliver?

  • A clearly understood and properly resourced structure to manage and drive projects through all levels of responsibility within the organisation
  • An overall improvement in the way projects are handled, resulting in more predictable project success.
  • A greater degree of alignment between business strategy and project selection
  • An improvement in the quality and consistency of management information for senior executives
  • An increased level of support for all project-based staff.

“Portfolio management offices contribute to business growth by optimizing the enterprise’s portfolio of projects and programs. They allocate scarce resources towards enterprise objectives, while factoring in risk, desired returns and interrelationships between these investments.” Gartner, Taking your PMO to the Next Stage.

Who should attend 

PMO sponsors, project sponsors, someone who has the mandate for a PMO or wants a PMO to exist, someone who runs the PMO, program managers, project managers who need to understand how they support and get support from the PMO, someone actively involved in operating or establishing a PMO.

Training activities:

  • 3 days

PMO-CP Certification

Participants will be eligible to sustain in 90 days  an exam in order to become  PMO VALUERING certified professional.
Target Audience
PMO leaders, PMO members and Project Managers who want to learn how to make a PMO generate perceived value for an organisation through the methodology PMO VALUE RING
Key concepts of PMO VALUE RING covering all 8 steps and how to get better results for the PMO using the PMO VALUE RING methodology
Certification performed and accredited by PMO GLOBAL ALLIANCE, whose headquarters are in Delaware, USA.
The certification exam consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, with a maximum duration of 60 minutes. To be approved, the candidate must obtain the minimum score of 75%. Candidates will sit the exam at the end of the day. If the candidate cannot attend, they will have to schedule a proctored exam. Please ask for more information.
The PMO-CP Certification has no expiration date, and no periodic renewal is required. Whenever there is any significant change in methodology, certified professionals will be notified so that they can update themselves through online content, to be made available at no additional cost.

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